Accepted Papers

Block-ad: Blockchain Attack-defense Ctf Competition for Next-web3 Security

Inas Hasnaoui, Zrikem Maria and Elassali Rajaa, Smart Systems and Applications (SSA) National School of Applied Sciences (ENSA) Marrakech, Morocco


The rapid growth of blockchain technology has introduced new security challenges in decentralized systems. In this paper, we present Block-AD, a Blockchain Attack-Defense Capture The Flag (CTF) competition aimed at improving smart contract security skills and addressing evolving security threats in Next-Web3 environments. Unlike traditional CTF competitions, participants engage in attack and defense actions to exploit vulnerabilities and protect their smart contract services. This game-based approach concludes with rewards distributed from the competition’s vault and the allocation of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) as proof of participation. This approach aims to provide a fun and engaging way to improve the security skills of all participants, as well as to identify and fix vulnerabilities in smart contracts. By combining blockchain technology, CTF methodology, and Next-Web3 security, Block-AD provides a unique and innovative approach for enhancing cybersecurity skills in decentralized systems and smart contracts.


Security, Blockchain, Smart Contracts, Capture The Flag (CTF), Competition, Attack and defense, Vulnerabilities.